Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.
― Mary Oliver

Do you pay attention?  Are you astonished?  If so, do you tell anyone about it? 

I'm pretty sure the fresh air here has the same properties as a bottle of red wine because I have finally found the courage to tell about the things that catch my attention. It takes little these days to astonish me. And that's not always a GOOD thing! For example, I'm as astonished (and entertained) by my husband's ability to piddle away HOURS on futile projects  -  like a vegetable garden in the middle of the horses' grazing pasture -  as I am with the beauty of the fog rising on our property every morning. 

I'm striving now to pay attention to everything and everyone around me. I've spent a lot of years with my head down trying to check things off of my "to do" lists. (and YES, I confess that I still love to cross through things on a list). But it's not the errands and chores on those lists that give me memories.  It's the times I look up and pay attention to what or who is around me.   

I'll put it all out on the barn floor for you. I hope I can inspire you to adopt Mary Oliver's Instructions for a Life -  Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.


Aunt Dotty
05/22/2012 10:35pm


05/23/2012 11:27pm

Love this. Tell us more.


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