First line in my Gratitude Journal on May 23rd was "thank you for Tank and Jag because they make us smile every day". The boys turned three this week and they are the ones that first made me appreciate the meaning of Mary Oliver's Instructions for a Life (refer back to day one). They demand my attention so they've taught me to be attentive. Whether Jag's happily jumping in the air for the 100th time to catch the Frisbee or Tank's gently laying his head on my shoulder while we watch TV, they amaze me.

To celebrate their birthday, we took a good size watermelon out by the pond. We sliced it like cake and scooped it like ice cream. We had as much fun watching them as they did eating it.  It was even worth getting up to go out with them four times during the night! My youngest daughter (who just turned 21) said it was only fitting - that in dog years,  it was their 21st birthday and it was tradition to drink too much.....


05/26/2012 3:07pm

hahaha that's right!!! They deserved a little fun for their 21st!

10/17/2016 4:24am

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05/21/2017 8:59am

I am so happy for the "Corgi boys" for they were given the chance to celebrate their respective birthdays. Not all pets are lucky to experience that. Looking at the photo, I think they fell in love with the taste of watermelon. Obviously, they have enjoyed their special day and could not ask for more. Next year's celebration would be more meaningful and fun for sure!

06/30/2017 3:39am

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