“Happiness is not the absence of problems,
it's the ability to deal with them.”

Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being

A good friend is a person you can laugh through the tears with
and come out feeling blessed.  I had a conversation today with a woman that I am fortunate enough to call a good friend. She’s one of my favorite people. She loves fiercely, has fun with anyone who will join in (and even with those that resist), and she’ll fight for her loved ones - and her loved ones' loved ones - like a donkey protecting the herd! 

I loved her the moment I met her – and I have always admired her strength.  I just never really knew where it came from.  She has a huge, beautiful, self-proclaimed redneck family full of strong personalities and even stronger opinions….but, as I see it, she is the backbone. They defer to her on everything from  recipes to calf-pulling.  You’ll find her make-up free, dressed in a tee-shirt and jeans on any given day, but dolled up, she looks just like a movie star (you know who you are). 

What I learned today is that life dealt her some enormous challenges early on and she had a choice – crumble and lose OR spit in the face of everything in her way and have something to celebrate. She chose the latter and has never looked back.  We talked for over 2 hours while she  shared her story at my request. We both cried buckets AND laughed till our faces hurt.  

The details are not important.  What is important is that sometimes we are so intent on wallowing in the difficulties that we fail to see the blessings these problems bring. She and I have spent countless hours together discussing everything from horse poo to hormone creme. She never once wallowed in the hardships that helped make her who she is today. She finds happiness hiding under any challenge or problem and “just deals”. Because of this, she manages to have a true smile on her face most all the time. It translates boldy in how she interacts with everyone in her world.

Today, while listening to my friend laugh at the devil that has screwed with her life so often, I learned from her that we should all buck up to whatever challenge comes our way - meet it head-on - or back right into it  like a donkey and just let happiness sneak on in.  


05/23/2012 11:17pm

We all need a friend like your courageous one!

06/10/2017 10:23pm

We all need a friend who will be there for us no matter what. A friend who will guide us to the right way and keep us away from the bad ones. Actually, happiness isn't hard to find. It's everywhere and it's within our reach. Problems can knock us down but we should realize that we are stronger than our problems. We all need a friend who will help us get through with this messy but fun thing called "life"!

05/24/2017 5:50am

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