Our dogs are the perfect example of polar opposites. If you’ve visited the Corgi Boys page on this website or read  some of the past blogs in C4 Chatter then you have had a small introduction to our boys’ personalities. 

Tank appears to be laid back and nonchalant but quietly demands attention and affection. Jag is a wild thing if you are opening the cleaning closet or playing a game of fetch but the first to settle down at the end of the day.  If we sit  on the sofa, Jag finds his place on the back near our heads -  close but separate.  Tank cocks his head and whines until you make room for him, jumps up next to you and puts his head ON you.....your leg, your shoulder, somewhere ON you. (Let me try to give you a visual: If Jag is in your lap, it's his whole body sitting up straight and it feels like you're holding a two pound Chihuahua. He doesn't lick you or invade your space. If Tank is in your lap, he has his head clamped down on some part of your body and feels like a 200 pound Saint Bernard. If you attempt to move, he increases the pressure. He only needs a sign that says "MINE!" to finish the picture. Oh, AND you're getting a bath whether you need one or not.) 

Jag is extremely sweet and affectionate but he seems to understand that Tank is needier in that department and graciously allows him priviledged access.  Even in bed (yes, they sleep with us and we KNOW this is a no-no and frankly don't care), Jag is at our feet and doesn't move.  Tank's face will greet you on the pillow and he periodically gets up to rearrange the covers. Even during the day he will go to a room to take a nap and literally cry for you to come hang out with him. In other words, Tank thinks he is a prince and should be treated like royalty. Jag is perfectly comfortable stepping aside and allowing Tank his throne INSIDE. (Outside royalty is another blog subject.) This  hierarchy is the general rule.

However, they say there is an exception to every rule.  In the case of the boys, it is the Thunder and Lightening Escape Clause. Tank, like us, thinks a storm is a great time to relax and listen to the sounds of rain and thunder. Jag, on the other hand, thinks he has stumbled into a war zone.  It's at this time that Tank takes a distinct back seat.  He makes a conscious effort to back away and make room for Jag to have a whole lap. OR if Jag finds a dark spot to hide and tremble, Tank will lay in front of him as if to say, "I'm right here if you need me".

I witnessed this with awe when we had the tornado scare a couple months ago and again last night during the storm. Rain was coming sideways at the windows and the pounding on the tin roof was loud. The lightening was very close and the thunder following was deafening.  We lost power and all the horses were hovering under the porch overhang.  (They have the option of their stalls, but apparently like to be close to us when the weather is wicked. Rey literally plasters her nose to the door window begging to come in!)

Jag was terrified.  In preparation for the rain, we had gone outside to check the barn and I tripped over him twice in his attempt to become one with me.  When we got in the house, he jumped in my lap, alert and trembling.  The normally invasive Tank jumped up next to me, but not ON me, and faced the opposite direction. Every now and then he would turn and lick Jag's face.  His concern for his brother was obvious and touching.

This went on for a couple of hours.  Not once during this period of Jag's terror did Tank even request any attention. I kept reaching over and petting him with a smile on my face because I was so proud.  My selfish little Tank was acting like a protective big brother. 

Eventually the storm was over and all was right in Corgi Boy World. Jag helped my husband close up the barn by making sure that our barn cat Gibbs' feet didn't touch the ground and barking loudly so the neighbor's cows would know that he survived. Once inside, he took his spot at the foot of the bed.  Tank quietly jumped to his place near the pillows and rearranged the covers before settling in for the night. Tomorrow was another day and Prince Tank had some throne time to recoup.


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